Egg White Benefits

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Benefits of eating egg white for protein content 

If you body is missing any of the balanced ingredients of a healthy diet you will not have the same amount of energy that you should naturally have.  Additionally, when a diet is unbalanced you will also find your health is worse overall, with a greater tendency to get sick.  Hence it is important to make sure that you regularly consume your full helping of daily values.  One of these values is protein, which is found in abundance in egg whites. 

In fact, due to the abundance of protein in egg whites many people who work out on a regular basis either to lose weight or gain muscle mass; also consume egg whites on a regular basis.  This is because protein is what your muscles need in order to fully develop as well as burn fat.  While it may seem silly to think that the key to gaining muscle mass or losing weight can lay in something as simple as an egg white, it is a viable option for both.

Egg whites are scientifically referred to as albumin and are composed mostly of protein content.  As much as 90% of the egg white is water and the other ten percent is pure protein, which is a large percentage of protein from just one food source.  In fact, if the yolks are not consumed, given that they are high in cholesterol, egg whites can be one of the healthiest choices of protein to add to a diet.

Outside of simply containing protein, egg whites also have plenty of other health benefits, such as the fact that they are high in minerals and vitamins, and have a low carbohydrate content.  Additionally, egg whites have every single one of the essential amino acids such as Tryptophan, Lysine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Histidine, and Arginine. 

When you eat egg whites for their protein content, not only does your body benefit for the high protein concentration, but also from every other healthy component that is found in the whites.

Even better is the fact that egg whites do not have a high amount of fats in them, which makes them an excellent choice for those who want to cut fat out of their diets.  This is also a reason why many bodybuilders choose to eat egg whites for their protein source.  Many protein supplements and powders that are used by weightlifters are actually formed from ground up egg whites, which just goes to show how powerful one simple egg white can be.